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Outdoor Power Equipment For All Seasons

From hauling gravel in the fall to pushing snow in the winter to tilling up gardens in the spring to mowing down saplings in the summer, OREC Canada has an outdoor power equipment solution for all outdoor professionals. For commercial landscape professionals, parks and recreation managers, trail builders, rental equipment purchasing managers, organic farmers, vineyard managers, and large-land property owners, OREC Canada is the leading outdoor power equipment manufacturer based on well-over 70 years of engineering expertise. Unlike other manufacturers in the market content to sell old, inferior technology leaving consumers working longer and harder, OREC Canada is inspired to build an enlightened and educated community around their line of smart outdoor power equipment products designed to save time, energy and mother earth.

A Game-Changing Zero-Turn Snow Plow

The Snow Rhino, a zero turn snow plow, is the game-changing snow clearing machine you’ve been dreaming about for years. Bringing truly inspired innovation to the snow removal industry, the Snow Rhino is compact enough to help snow removal professionals get to those hard to reach areas that their truck-mounted plows cannot access. This track drive snowplow packs enough power to tackle even the most brutal of snowstorms. The first machine of its kind on the market, the Snow Rhino and its zero-turn track drive allows professionals to maneuver with precision and ease as the snow clearer pushes snow from storefronts, employee and pedestrian walkways, driveways, and sidewalks.

Pushing Winter Back with a Snow Bull

The Snow Bull is a walk-behind snow plow that will have you ditching those exhausting and ineffective snow removal methods of the past. No more wasted time clearing out the clogged augers and chutes of snow blowers with wet snow. No more exhaustive shoveling to avoid throwing ice and other debris on storefronts, passing pedestrians, employees, or nearby vehicles. A walk-behind snow plow provides a solution for all these obstacles and challenges. The Snow Bull has been meticulously engineered to provide the user with the utmost ease and efficiency when clearing snow. Save yourself time and energy while still getting the results you are looking for. The dual tracks provide great traction, and even heavy, wet snow won’t slow you down.

A Motorized Carrier for Heavy Hauling

The Trailblazer Transporter, a motorized carrier by OREC, is a compact heavy hauler for all outdoor professionals in a myriad of industries with endless applications. With a max payload of 650 pounds, the Trailblazer features a dual track drive and a durable metal bed that can take loads over and through areas that larger equipment simply cannot access. The independent wheels can cover steep slopes and obstacles with no problem—they can even handle steps! Whether you are a landscaper needing to move materials, a contractor working a tight job site, a land maintenance professional looking to clear a trail or you just need to haul material around your property, the Trailblazer will become the machine you literally cannot move forward without. This motorized carrier will help you get the job done with little effort and maximum safety.

A Beast of a Flail Mower

The Cyclone Flail Mower is an incredible walk-behind flail mower by OREC. The Cyclone and its powerful, thirty-eight flail blade system will take down and mulch up tall grass, weeds, brambles, and even small saplings. This mulching machine is popular with the entire spectrum of outdoor professionals. The compact size of the Cyclone and its dual-track drive makes it ideal for clearing brush in hard-to-reach areas, on slopes, and around obstacles for landscapers, construction contractors, land maintenance professionals. This walk-behind flail mower has become popular for maintaining brush growth in parks and trail systems, mulching crop aisles for organic farmers, and even brush control for large residential property owners. The Cyclone is easy to use, too, with its stress-free clutch turning system and easy to use blade height adjustment.

The King Kong of Brush Mowing!

Looking for a 4WD riding brush mower to add to your selection of outdoor power equipment? Look no further. The 4WD Brush Rover by OREC is truly a beast of a machine that quickly and easily chops up pretty much any brush in its path. Watching this machine in action makes even the savviest of outdoor pros smile like a kid in the candy store. This ride-on brush mower was specifically designed to effectively take on the dense brush, saplings, and challenging terrain that can often cause significant damage to other mowers. Just like the 2WD Brush Rover, this 4WD riding brush mower is equipped with two flail blades on either end of the center blade to give you all the cutting power you’ve come to love, with even more strength and stability to be able to safely conquer brush on slopes and harder to reach areas.

Dream Gardens Begin with a Gardenquake!

The Gardenquake, a rear tine garden tiller by OREC, is powerful, robust, and perfect for creating the foundation for gorgeous gardens and landscapes. The Gardenquake with its robust, forward rotating tines work hard to loosen soil while the large agricultural tires keep the unit steadily moving forward. The Gardenquake has been built tough and is both great on breaking ground and breaking the soil into fine clumps. The expert engineering behind this rear-tine garden tiller will provide both residential and professional users with confidence about the results they’ll receive year after year. The difference between a struggling garden and the garden of your dreams is a commercial-grade, rear tine garden tiller. The Gardenquake is the key to dream gardens and even happier gardeners and landscapers.

An Impressive Riding Brush Mower

The Brush Rover, a riding brush mower, is that one machine every outdoor pro needs in their equipment arsenal. This powerful brush mower is impressive in the amount of brush it will takedown, but more importantly, is extremely easy and fun to drive! Although an essential weapon against brush for obvious outdoor professionals such as landscapers, construction contractors, rental companies, and land maintenance professionals, the Brush Rover has become popular among trail maintenance professionals, farmers, park systems of the city, state, and federal jurisdictions, as well as large property owners with acres of brush needing management, especially those with hilly properties with lots of trees.

A Slashing, Walk Behind Brush Cutter

The Samurai Mower, a walk-behind brush cutter by OREC, is used by professionals across many industries from landscaping and parks maintenance to organic farming and vineyard management. The Samurai has become a staple among outdoor professionals from its one-of-a-kind, user-friendly design. Its powerful rotary blade slashes all types of brush to the ground including tall grass, weeds, and even small saplings. It might look like a simple machine from the outside, but believe us, decades of innovation have gone into what the Samurai is today – it’s one, tough, versatile, and efficient brush-munching machine! The Hydro version of the Samurai Mower features a variable speed lever that makes it the easiest to use in the industry.


Seeking engineering excellence combined with high-quality materials? OREC has you covered. We build outdoor power equipment that is tough, reliable, and smart. We know that your time and your team’s efficiency is valuable, and our outdoor power equipment will ensure the job gets done right each and completed every time. We take great pride in being a manufacturer with a focus on delivering quality and durability above all else.


OREC is inspired by our customers to build unique outdoor power equipment that fits their needs. From our ride-on brush mower, The Brush Rover, to our walk-behind mini-snow plow, The Snow Bull, our one-of-the-kind machines are the result of collaborating with the professionals out there each day doing the actual work. Our products have been designed and engineered to handle the one job that matters – YOUR job.


Everyone at OREC is committed to serving our wide array of customers in a variety of outdoor industries such as landscaping, construction, rental, farming, parks, and large property owners. If you have questions regarding our outdoor power equipment, there’s an OREC service member with answers. We are available to answer your questions and to fulfill your parts needs via email, phone, and social media.


With outdoor power equipment from OREC, you’ll get projects completed the way they should, and your entire team will have fun in the process. Arming your team with OREC machines will place huge smiles on the faces of your entire crew because there is nothing more satisfying than being efficient and productive on their outdoor projects. We know how difficult and challenging the work can be out there. Why not have some fun at the same time!

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